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Lamps for Structure



The BOXLEDLINE lamps are made in 45x90 structural profile thus guaranteeing the use of all the possible modular structures linked to the BOXLINE program and any other producer of structural profiles. The lamps are available in electronic version and the economic version: in the first model the lamp is operated electronically by the DRIVER BOXLEDLINE and as a consequence the lamp has all the advantages linked to the use of the driver; in the economic version the lamps has no electronic command and to be operated it needs to be supplied by a LED FEEDER which guarantee constant current and tension according to the applied load see feeders on page 32.

Good illumination in the worktables and structure increase the performances and lowers the error. Lamps of very high quality and luminosity as regards the regulations UNI EN 12464-1 industrial production, CE and LED EYES SAFETY certificate.




BOXLEDline originates, patented product RM2011U000202 with the brand registered and made in Italy, with international patented pending WO 2013/093602.

The new line of products operate in keeping with the machine directive and the environment.





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