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Driver Led


The driver control has the function to keep the current of the LED constant with purpose of optimizing the luminous intensity.

  • Available for LED ROLL_IN XML.
  • Current LED 1,2A with 423 Lumen and 3,6 watt of consumption.

To guarantee constant illumination the LED need to be feeding a constant current and so far this it is necessary to use the DRIVER control.
The driver can change the luminosity by means of the trimmer on board or with the analogic signal (0-10V) a cording to the position of the jumper J1.
The standard tension 24V allows the connection of 7 LED. The DRIVER is able to guarantee a constant VxI output, modulating it in function with the number of LED connected and no adjustment is necessary.


  • Voltage: 6Vmin 24V/36V Max.
  • Vin=36V - Vout=1-9 LED 1200mA
  • Analogic (0-10V) light control
  • Efficency full load 96%
  • Short circuit protection
  • Shutdown over temperature (IC 150°)




BOXLEDline originates, patented product RM2011U000202 with the brand registered and made in Italy, with international patented pending WO 2013/093602.

The new line of products operate in keeping with the machine directive and the environment.





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